North Texas Irish Festival

Joins us at the Emerald Stage at NTIF! Performances on Fri. at 7:15, Sat. at 11:45 and Sun. at 1:30 & 4:30.  Also stop by our booth in the cultural area and say hello!


Hair and Wigs

For all dancers, hair is an important part of their overall presentation at a feis or a show. At a minimum, hair should be clean, neat, and out of the dancer’s face at all times during performance. For boys, that is all there is to it. But for most female dancers, it isn’t that simple! Traditionally, female Irish dancers have worn their hair tightly curled in sausage, or “Shirley Temple” curls. If the dancer’s own hair is long enough, this style can be achieved by rolling the hair on rags, foam rollers, or more recently, on “spike” curlers designed specifically for Irish dance. Today however, most dancers and parents seem to prefer the convenience of wigs to the traditional rolling of the hair. There are pros and cons to both methods. Rolling the hair takes longer, is often uncomfortable while sleeping, and can be unpredictable in result, with the hair sometimes not curling properly. However, it is cheaper than buying a wig, and can look more age appropriate on very young dancers. Wigs are more expensive, can become ragged looking with age, and can look odd if the hair color isn’t a good match or the size of the wig is too large for the dancer. In their favor, wigs are a convenient way to get perfect curls every time, without the discomfort and lost sleep associated with curlers.

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