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Dance Costumes

Check the photo pages for lots of pictures of our class costumes!

Girl’s Costumes

  • Costumes are needed for competitions and shows. The requirements for class and solo costumes are listed below.  For competition and performance, beginner girls are permitted to wear a blue skirt or jumper, with blue kick pants or cheerleader bloomers underneath, and a white shirt. Some blue skirts are available for loan from the school in small children’s sizes, along with coordinating blue tabards.  Beginner jumpers are being made by Becky Rau, a dance mom and adult dancer.  Talk to Kay for Becky's contact information if Becky is not available during the time your child is in class.
  • In addition, for there are 2 performance t-shirts required.  Periodic orders for shirts will be placed.  These shirts are worn with a black skirt or skort, such as the girls knit black skorts available from Old Navy.  If you already have a black skirt or skort, Kay will be able to tell you if it is appropriate to wear for shows.

Class Costumes

  • Class costumes are required for all girls and ladies. You must speak with Kay in order to acquire one. Older students are required to purchase a dress, as skirts are only appropriate for the smaller children. Students MUST acquire a class dress before looking into getting a solo dress.
  • Class dresses are appropriate for solo levels of beginner1, advanced beginner and novice.
  • Class dresses are required for figure dancing and shows.
  • Many dresses are available second hand; speak to Kay for names of parents with second hand costumes for sale.  New dresses are made by Molly Bennett of It’s Knotwork to Me. See Kay for a measurement form and ordering info. 
  • Class costumes (for girls) cost $425.00 and consist of: 
    • 1. A dress 
    • 2. A cape 
    • 3. Kick pants 
    • 4. Headband
  • The class costumes (design, color choices and pattern) are the property of the school. If the owner of a class dress leaves the school, she may not take the dress with her. All pieces of the costume must be sold to the school or someone within the school. Used dresses are sometimes available for a reduced purchase price as girls grow out of them.
  • Check with Kay on the availability of used dresses, or to sell your old dress.

Solo Costumes

  • Solo dresses are very elaborate costumes. They are highly recommended for students at the prizewinner level, and required for dancers competing at the championship levels. The range on prices for a new dress right now is $800.00 (for a simple one) to $2500.00 (for a top of the line dress). This is a considerable investment, but unfortunately, if you really want to do well in competition at these levels, you need one!
  • There are a few things to keep in mind when ordering a costume, especially from a dressmaker that you do not have experience with. Get references from previous customers, and ask to see pictures of previous work. All reputable dressmakers will require a deposit, both to reserve a place in their schedule and to purchase supplies, but you should never have to pay more than half the price of the dress upfront. Keep in contact with the dressmaker during the process to stay informed on the progress on your dress.
  • Dresses should come with kick pants and a headpiece included in the cost, but it never hurts to verify with the dressmaker that you want these items.
  • There are a ton of places you can go to get a new dress. A few that dancers in the school have had good luck with are:
    • 1. Molly Bennett – It’s Knotwork to Me (also our class dress supplier)
    • 2. Siope Rince 
    • 3. Elevation Designs
  • Please let us know of your good and bad experiences so we can recommend or warn which ever is appropriate!!!
  • There are several sites on the internet where used solo costumes can be sold or purchased. One such site is Dance Again. If a dress is well cared for, it generally has a fairly good resale value, but do not expect to get what you paid for it back when you resell! Be aware that when you purchase a used dress over the internet it may or may not be as good as the seller represents it to be. Make sure that you get all information on prices (including exchange rates if purchasing from overseas!), shipping and customs costs, and return policies before you agree to purchase the costume. Buyer beware!
  • A girl’s costume would not be complete without the right pair of socks! Traditional Irish dance socks, or poodle socks, are required for girls in competitions and shows. Poodle socks can be purchased at feiseanna, or from a variety of online vendors. Socks should be clean and white.  Older dancers may substitute black tights for poodle socks with Kay's permission.

Boy's Costumes

  • Boys, you sort of got off easy, but you shouldn’t go under done, just because you don’t have to buy a dress!
  • As with the girls, the school costume is required for shows and figures, and there is a performance shirt required. For school costumes, boys should wear black dress pants, a royal blue shirt, and black dress socks. If your shirt has a collar you are required to wear a tie.
  • Solo competition is your opportunity to be an individual! Some guys have a small bit of embroidery put between the button-holes or on the sleeves or cuffs. A flashy shirt always looks good on stage! Whether it is of a flashy color or a shimmery material, remember it is a dance costume, not something you have to show all your friends at school (think about stage presence).
  • Some men still wear kilts, and if you want to that’s fine as long as you follow these guidelines:
    • 1. A kilt should be no shorter than a half-inch above the knee and no longer than the middle of the knee cap. 
    • 2. It should have two buckles at the waist and hip area.
    • 3. The flap of the kilt should also be secured at the bottom by a kilt pin (like broach for boys). 
    • 4. The shirt should be a dress shirt with a collar for a tie. 
    • 5. A tie is required.
    • 6. Males who wear a kilt, must wear knee high socks.
    • 7. Dress shorts must be worn under the kilt. (They should be the same color as the kilt and considerably shorter.)
    • 8. You should wear a cape with your jacket. It should go from your left shoulder to your right hip.
    • 9. The color of your socks should mach the color of your jacket.
    • 10. The color of your cape should match the color of your kilt. Your kilt should be a solid color.
    • 11. Your kilt and jacket colors should be coordinated.
    • 12. Your shirt and tie will be dependent on what colors you chose for everything else. 
  • There are not a whole lot of places you can go for a good Irish kilt. They can get very pricey, like the girls solo dresses. We do not have a list of where to or not to go, because we have not had very many people interested.

Adult Costumes

  • Beginner women may wear a skirt and blouse. Be sure to get kick pants or cheerleader bloomers to wear under your skirt.
  • Adult women wishing to participate in figure dances are required to purchase an adult costume.  Adult costumes are made by Becky Rau, an adult dancer and dance mom.  Talk to Kay for Becky's contact information if you aren't in Becky's class.
  • Solo dresses are also appropriate for adults at the higher levels of competition. Poodle socks or black tights are required with all women’s costumes.
  • Adult men have the same costume options as the boys.


  • Please pay attention to how your costume is fitting!!! Costumes can not be made in a couple of weeks so, you need to order it a MINIMUM of three months before you need it!!!! If your costume is starting to get small see if there is someone who is selling one in the size you are going to need. If not, ORDER A NEW ONE! All too often people wear costumes that barely fit and then one day they need it and when the put it on, it is a disaster!!! It won’t zip up or it is so short that you can see the kick pants hanging down. If you are lucky, you will find someone to loan you one, but don't count on it!

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