North Texas Irish Festival

Joins us at the Emerald Stage at NTIF! Performances on Fri. at 7:15, Sat. at 11:45 and Sun. at 1:30 & 4:30.  Also stop by our booth in the cultural area and say hello!


Class Attire

In order to ensure the quality of your or your child’s lessons, the following basic uniform will be enforced for all students.  Shandon spirit wear is available periodically through in-class orders.  You will be notified when an order is being placed.  Please consider supporting our school by wearing the Shandon logo!


  • Please arrive in cheerleader or athletic shorts. Cotton is preferred, because it is less restricting. These can be bought at most stores that sell uniforms for team sports. There are several brands available. The most common brand is Soffe, and they are a good choice because they are short with out being too short. They are made for cheerleaders so they will be less likely to rip when put through all the torture of Irish Dance! Shorts must be above the knee - please do not come in shorts that are long, even in cotton, they restrict the movement. If you are uncomfortable with the length of these shorts, feel free to wear biker shorts under or instead of them!
  • Girls may wear T-shirts, but they need to fit. Loose or baggy shirts make it difficult to detect posture problems. Tank tops are permitted as long as they are decent (completely cover and fitted around the arm pit)!
  • Long hair must be neatly pulled back out of face. If your hair is too short to secure with an elastic band, but long enough to get in your face, please wear a head band or clips!


  • Boys need to arrive in shorts. They should be cotton and MUST be above the knee. There is a male version of the girl’s cheerleader shorts that are longer with out being too long (or too short), but they are much more difficult to find. Just make sure that they are not restricting and are above the knee. 
  • Boys may wear T-shirts, but like the girls, they need to fit. Baggy or loose clothes make it difficult to detect posture problems. Boys may also wear tank tops, but they also need to fit (not falling off and fitted in the armpits).
  • Males who have hair long enough to get in their eyes must secure it out of their face.

ALL STUDENTS – Dancers must wear socks with their dance shoes. For girls, poodle socks are preferred but not required. All dancer’s socks should be fitted. Socks that are too big can cause serious blisters. SOCKS MUST BE CLEAN! If this were not a rule, with all the shoe changing we do, the room would really stink!

DURING WINTER - Dancers must still wear the above dress code, but MUST arrive at dance class with arms and legs covered. Sweat suits or dance pants - No Jeans! Dancers may begin to remove their sweats as they warm up.

This dress code is for the good of the dancers, and helps ensure the quality of their lessons and the safety of their joints and muscles. Please adhere to it!

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